Climate in Cyprus

Golden sunshine days almost all year around are the most fabulous characteristic of the island of Cyprus. The long hot summer, the sweet mild but short autumn, the mild winter and the colourful spring offer residents the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. 


Spring House - Climate in Cyprus

Spring in Cyprus is fabulous. A visit to the country is just magic: trees start to blossom, the delicate flowers of almond trees and apple trees draw magic pictures on the rugged green and brown valleys and fields in every area. Blood red poppies emerge everywhere, elegant wild cyclamen unfold their young buds under rocks and bright yellow wild daisies grow up everywhere, even at the edges of the streets. The air is thin, cool and full of the wonderful smell of roses, the wild orchids and the bluebells. 

Although there may be occasional rain, everyone may enjoy nature with all its glory. March may be a little cold in the beginning but as time passes the weather becomes warmer usually reaching a moderate temperature of 25°C. This is the time for more outdoor activities, even swimming.


Cyprus hot Summer

Cyprus enjoys a long hot summer. Days may be very hot with plenty of humidity, so the majority of people like to spend their days on the beach enjoying the calm, azure warm sea. Cool breezes coming from the sea make the heat somewhat more acceptable. Up at the mountains the pine smell filled wind its soothing and refreshing. Summer in Cyprus may last almost until mid-October giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sea and the beautiful weather by enjoying numerous outdoor activities, especially swimming and sunbathing as well as attending many cultural or religious festivals the most important of which is the Wine Festival in Limassol. The temperature is approximately 38°C.


The Climate in Autumn is by far the mildest season in Cyprus although not long. It usually lasts from mid-October to late November. The weather is still very good for swimming, the sun shines and days are bright and warm. The temperature is still high, about 23°C, enabling people to still enjoy themselves on the beach or have long walks in the seafront promenades. Cypriots like to sit outdoors at cafes or restaurants enjoying a good meal and great wine. It is also the time to make excursions to the mountains where they can enjoy the golden red colours of tree leaves and the change of the scenery. Now is the time for the production of traditional delicacies like soutsioukos (a sweet made from grape juice stuffed with almonds looking like a candle) or palouze (cream made from grape juice) or some wine tasting.


Winter in Cyprus - Climate

With temperatures ranging from around19°C in daytime and 9°C at night, winter in Cyprus is mild. Rainfall is limited although days may be changeable with cloudy skies and strong winds, although plenty of days the sun shines in the sky. Snowfall is more apparent from January to early March offering a wonderful scenery and enabling lovers of ski to enjoy their favourite sport. Life continues to be merry and colourful even in winter days. People still have the chance to walk by the sea, enjoy themselves outdoors, in restaurants and cafes. The Cultural Winter festival in Paphos provides the opportunity to enjoy high standard music concerts and modern or folk dance performances.

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