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The Republic of Cyprus located in the most eastern part of the Mediterranean, comprises from the Greek Cypriot community in the south and the north part which has been occupied by the Turkish troops since 1974. The island has been part of the European Union since May 1st 2004. According to the latest United Nations Estimates the current population of Republic of Cyprus is 1,185,483 as on  February 14, 2018, from which 71,8% is the  Greek Cypriot Community,  9,5% is the Turkish Cypriot Community and 18.7% are Foreign Residents mainly Greek, Russian and English (this data refers to the whole island, at the end of 2011).The official language is Greek although English is widely used all over the island. Based to the number of permanent foreign residents in Cyprus the island has been ranked second after Luxemburg among the European Union countries. 


Cyprus regions - property in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is divided into 6 regions (districts):

  • Nicosia (or Lefkosia in Greek) located in the center of the island
  • Limassol (or Lemesos in Greek) is in the southern part including the mountainous area of Troodos range
  • Larnaca (also spelled Larnaka) is in the southeastern includes the communities of Pervolia and Oroklini in which developers offer a wide range of plots, and,
  • Paphos (also spelled Pafos) in the west includes the Akamas Peninsula, the Aphrodite Hills developments, the small resort towns of Polis and Latsi and the picturesque village of Pyrgos the most northern village of the free from the Turks areas.

The regions of

  •  Famagusta (or Ammochostos in Greek), in the eastern part and
  •  Kyrenia (or Kerynia in Greek) at the north

are under the Turkish occupation. 

Ayia Napa and Protaras the famous tourist resorts of the island geographically belong to the Famagusta /Ammohostos district however, are not occupied by the Turks.

The capitals of the 6 districts bear the same name as the relevant district. Districts are subdivided into municipalities and communities.
As regards property acquisition by foreign investors their preference is focused on the coastal districts. The most preferable areas to buy property in Cyprus are in fact the districts of Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos in which opportunities for purchase may be found in the following four parts of each district:
  • City centers
  • Tourist areas
  • Nearest  suburbs
  • Villages located in 15-25 minutes’ drive from the capital of each district.

Further descriptions of the most important areas for the purchase of property are provided herewith:


Nicosia - Buy real estate in Cyprus

The capital of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicosia, located in the center of the island, is a contemporary busy European city where the authorities, diplomatic missions of foreign states, headquarters of many Cyprus and international companies, TV stations are concentrated.

As the city is relatively away from the sea, with the nearest costal area being in the Larnaca Dekhelia Road at a proximity of 40km, purchase of property may be executed by people who work in the town on a permanent basis. Many prefer to buy property either in the town of Larnaca or in the town of Limassol so that they will have the advantages of owning property near the sea, as well as keeping their work in the capital. This is quite convenient because distances in Cyprus are not prohibitive: Larnaca is approximately a 20 minutes’ drive from Nicosia and Limassol a 50 minutes’ drive from the capital.

A large number of Nicosia residents often purchase another property for their own use near the sea either at Larnaca, Protaras or Ayia Napa where they spend their spare time or holidays.


Limassol - Where to buy a house in Cyprus

Being the second largest city in Cyprus after Nicosia, Limassol is the ultimate place for residency and business not only for Cypriots but also for many nationalities. Located in an equal distance from Paphos, Larnaca and Nicosia, it is considered to be the heart of business as well as the greatest cultural and educational center of Cyprus. Living in the area offers everybody many advantages as far as many fields of life are concerned like education and lifestyle, providing opportunities to study in excellent high schools and universities. (see education in Cyprus) that is why the town and its suburbs are considered as the most expensive areas as regards the purchase of property in the island.

The existence of impressive names of the business world may it be banks, accounting offices, offshore and shipping companies make Limassol the perfect place to do business. Combined with the stress free way of living, the friendly character of the citizens and the plethora of facilities and amenities make the town the perfect place for living.

This is where famous festivals such as the Wine Festival, the Carnival and the International Dance Festival take place.

Apart from its historical Center where the Limassol Castle is located the town has numerous places to visit and things to do. The town stretches for miles along the seafront where people may swim and sunbathe all day long, enjoy a coffee and a delicious sweet either at a seafront café or around the Castle area or just walk and enjoy the sea breeze and the nice weather. Food either of Cypriot cuisine or International cuisine, is splendid in the various bistros, restaurants or tavernas. In the north of the town is the magnificent green mountain range of Troodos with its picturesque small villages, the peaceful scenery and the orthodox monasteries scattered in the area. 

Limassol stretches for many kilometers across the seafront line. In the eastern part of the town is the archaeological site of Amathunta and in the western part is the beautiful green area of Fasouri village and the castle of Kolossi the legendary residence of the Crusaders. Along the tourist area in the western part one may find 4 and 5 stars hotels, restaurants, bars and places for recreation while nowadays the first Casino in the island is being constructed.

The impressive waterfront development of the Marina of Limassol in the core of the town seafront has greatly benefited the image of the town. In fact the citizens of Limassol pride themselves in this project which not only offers luxurious opportunities for residencies but has also provided people with a large variety of restaurants, luxurious cafes and shops to enjoy.

Recently the impressive Oval and the Twin Towers at the seafront have transformed the image of the town to even more cosmopolitan. 


Larnaca - best places to buy properties in Cyprus

Larnaca is a fast developing town, the third largest in Cyprus (after Nicosia and Limassol), where urban business life style is combined with a more stress free lifestyle of a resort town. Its coastal promenade, namely Finikoudes stretches in the south of town offering citizens and holiday makers the pleasure of walking by the sea, swimming and sunbathing. Its historical centre with influences from the Turks has been well preserved while the more eastern coastline near the area of the old airport called Mcenzy offers amenities and the chance of enjoying one’s self in modern cafes and restaurants.

Larnaca has the privilege of hosting the airport so it has recently developed into a great business area resulting into large-scale infrastructure projects to be implemented. Moreover, Larnaca is on the edge of two important projects: The construction of a passenger port and the Larnaca marina.

Tourism in Larnaca is not as extended as in Limassol or Paphos, however the town gets its share mainly for its archaeological sites, its vast salt lake hosting numerous flamingos and of course for the famous Zenobia wreck 14 km off the shore of Larnaca which is rated among the best 10 in the world.  

Driving north-eastwards of Larnaca along Dekelia Road one may notice a large number of 3 and 4 stars hotels, well equipped beaches, restaurants, tavernas etc supporting the holiday-making industry.


Paphos - Buy property in Paphos

The beautiful city of Paphos has been designated as a world cultural heritage in the UNESCO list. Favoured by many tourists especially British the town is an example of the combination of a peaceful way of life and small local business. The town offers the visitor the chance of visiting famous archaeological sites  such as the Tombs of Kings, and the Castel of Paphos while every September hosts the famous Paphos Festival of Ancient Drama and Paphos Festival presenting famous operas. The district is also famous for its picturesque villages and the holy orthodox monasteries. Indeed the town, presenting a full scale infrastructure including shopping centers, high standard schools etc. is a lovely place for holiday making as well as for residing. 

The town lies in the south west part of the Troodos mountain while further west is the famous Akamas Peninsula one of the most important National Parks in the eastern Mediterranean, covering 230 sq. kilometres of valleys, gorges as well as beautiful sandy bays and hosting a large wildlife diversity. For the fans of golf Paphos is the perfect destination. Aphrodite Hills a place of exceptional beauty,  in the north of the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite the Goddess of love and beauty is the ultimate destination for every golf lover. So are the Mintis Golf  Club, the Elea Golf, the Secret Valley Golf and Menios Golf Club all are situated in the Paphos district. 

The nearest suburbs of Paphos are Chlorakas, Geroskipou and Konia. Still further northwards of Paphos there are the villages of Tala, Peyia and Tsada which are especially popular among foreigners for their property developments and the scenery and mild climate they offer.

The Paphos district experiences a large property development which is the result of the stress free life offered in the area, the fascinating scenery and the moderate climate. Residential property at the resort is represented by both apartments and high standard of townhouses and villas.


Polis - Regions to buy property

Polis is part of the Paphos, however, it is worth describing separately. Situated in the north-west end of the island, at the centre of Chrysochous Bay, and at the foot of Akamas Peninsula, Polis is a place of extreme beauty. The resort is quiet and peaceful with impressive scenery and blue sea.  At the foot of the Troodos Mountains the small town combines the traditional hospitality of the citizens of the area with the majestic scenery of the vineyards and banana plants. Its neigbouring Latchi fishing village is even more picturesque with its promenade and the boats mooring in its small bay. The sea in the area is unique: transparent, crystal clear, extremely clean, with a variety of fish life and beautiful seabed. Further western is the luxurious Anassa hotel. Cradled by hills and washed by the blue green sea, Anassa has been nominee as one of the best spa hotels in the world while it has also been preferred by eminent and wealthy person from all over the world as their wedding place and honey moon destination. The Baths of Aphrodite at the entrance of the Akamas Natural Park is a magnificent and remarkable place to visit.

The areas of Polis and Latchi have long now been chosen by both holiday makers as well as foreigners as their permanent residence due to the various advantages of the area.  

Immovable property in immediate proximity to the sea in the whole coastal line from the Akamas peninsula to the more northern village of Pomos is expensive. However, various kinds of marvelous property, be it villas,  apartments or holiday property may be purchased at quite moderate prices in the villages northern or eastern of Polis such as in Argaka village, Prodromi village or in the nearest to Akamas Peninsula, Neon Chorion village. 


Ayia Napa - buy property in Ayia Napa

The famous resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras are located in the administrative district of Famagusta in the eastern part of the town of Larnaca. The areas are famous round the globe for their golden sandy beaches, for their particularly transparent azure crystal clear sea water and their cosmopolitan aura.

Being exclusively tourist areas,  Protaras and Ayia Napa  are lively places where one may enjoy life in its full swing during the peak season (from May to November) although life does not actually come to a standstill at other times of the year

Protaras is a peaceful resort mostly for family vacations. On the contrary Ayia Napa is more suitable for people who seek to enjoy themselves at night clubs, disco clubs and all kinds of seaside recreation, trips in buggies and all- terrain vehicles. Its special atmosphere of all-absorbing joy turns Ayia Napa into the most favorite place among the youth. That is why Ayia Napa is referred to as the Ibiza of Cyprus.

A little off Ayia Napa and Protaras in a few kilometers from the sea there are the actual Cyprus villages under the same name with their traditional country tranquility and peace.

Immovable property in these two resorts is usually solely purchased for holiday-making purposes.

Property (both apartments and houses) in the villages of Ayia Napa and Protaras is rather inexpensive that is why a large majority of people prefer to purchase dwellings for holiday-making there since the beautiful beaches are located only in 5-10 minutes’ drive away.


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